Let’s begin with Memory Leak

Memory Leak, Unfinished Bridges, and Rock & Sand: Kuware Team Talk by Avi


Today, I am gonna share something really interesting about effectiveness and efficiency. About why some people get more in life and why some people get less.

Nonetheless, there is something common across all of us, our willingness to achieve more in life by doing more and more in our daily routine.

But there are some things that set apart people who achieve everything in life do. What is it?

Let’s begin with Memory Leak.

Let's begin with Memory Leak

Memory Leak is a technical term which programmers understand. In layman’s lingo, whenever software starts on your computer, it requests for memory to operate. Once you are done and close the software, it should ideally release back the memory requested, but it does not. This unreleased memory is known as Memory Leak.

Now, let’s apply this to our everyday life at the office, we have multiple tasks at hand. We just begin to work on them without prioritizing and then finishing one after another. When we get stuck on a task and start work on another task but are still thinking about the previous unfinished task in the back of our mind, then we are experiencing a memory leak.

We all encounter this in our everyday lives and this impacts our productivity and efficiency.

Next, let’s talk about Unfinished Bridges.

let’s talk about Unfinished Bridges.

Unfinished Bridges is a pretty straightforward concept. The bridges that we start work on but are left incomplete for some reason.

Similarly, when applied to work or personal life, we make a wish list. New Year Resolutions is a good example here. We all make a wish list, losing weight is possibly the most common and important one on the list for 90% of people.

You join the gym, pay the yearly membership upfront and then stop going from the 2nd week onwards. That’s an unfinished bridge.

Professionally, we initiate too many projects and then focus on just one, leaving all others as unfinished bridges.

This directly reflects on the effectiveness of the work done.

Coming to the last and third part, Rocks & Sand, we all have heard the story of Rocks, Pebbles & Sand in a Jar. {If not, connect with me on LinkedIn and I will share the story with you.}

let’s talk about Unfinished Bridges

For my version of the story, we will use Rocks & Sand only.

Rocks are the important things in life – You (Health), Family (Love), Income (Job), and Friends (Support). Sand is the materialistic things, like expensive cars, expensive houses, hobbies and so on.

When we try to fill Rock & Sand into the jar, we all will end up having to make a choice – to have more sand in a jar and less rocks or to have less sand in a jar and more rocks. It is completely an individual decision.

The point that I am trying to make here is, no matter how hard you try, there are some things that are bound to be missed out on to accomplish this and it’s fine. If it does not happen today, it will happen tomorrow. What’s more important is to have no memory leaks and unfinished bridges in your daily routine.

I would like to sign off with a note, “Stay Hungry, Stay Focussed, and Stay Foolish”.



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